Simple, easy to play

It is an app to enjoy shaking the iPhone or iPad, touching the ducks and looking at them.

How to play on iPhone/iPad

  • Tilt the device: Move the ducks

  • Shake the device: Add a duck

  • Flick duck: Move a duck

  • Touch the duck: Quack

How to play with Apple Watch

  • Tilt the watch: Move the ducks

  • Shake the watch: Add a duck

  • Flick duck: Move a duck

  • Press and hold the screen: Restore the number of ducks

More fun with purchasing “Add-Ons”.

Add-ons include various items depending on seasons and events. Items for each season appear in spring, summer, autumn and winter, and in event items you can enjoy ducks' cosplay matched to New Years, Halloween, Christmas etc. Please purchase with the information displayed at the first startup. (Notice: If you want to redisplay this information after cancellation, please turn on Show Add-on dialog on the SmartTub of the setting application.)

Special Thanks